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Because our best publicity are our former students. More than half of our students have come back to study with us again and close to 80% of the new students come because SALMíNTER has been recommended to them by a friend.

Our students are generally college or university students who seek to improve their Spanish, but we also receive many teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. They come from countries like Denmark, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Japan. Many diplomats also prefer our Spanish language courses before they start in their new destinations in, mainly, South America. Until now, more than 40 diplomats have studied at our language school. SALMÍNTER is also frequently visited by radio and television speakers, journalists, tourist guides or business people, who all have in common that the Spanish language is their work instrument.

Because the school is situated right in the heart of the city, just one minute from the Plaza Mayor.

Contact Salminter Spanish Courses

Calle Toro 25, 1º
37002 Salamanca (España)
Tel. (+34) 923 211 808


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