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Learn Spanish in Spain - How to arrive

From Barajas airport in Madrid:

The international airport of Madrid-Barajas www.aena.es is situated 220 km from Salamanca . To get into the city of Madrid you can take the Metro (line 8).
If you then decide to travel by bus to Salamanca then you should go to the bus station Auto-Res in Estación Sur de Autobuse (C/ Méndez Alvaro, 83). From the airport the ride is as follows: Metro line 8 to the station Nuevos Ministerios and then line 6 to the station Mendez Alvaro, which lies just by the bus station. 
If you decide to take the train to Salamanca then you should go to the train station Chamartín. 
www.renfe.es .
From the airport the ride looks like this: Metro line 8 to Nuevos Ministerios, and then you take line 10 to Chamartín.
You have further details about the Metro in Madrid here: 
Taxi: Another possibility is to take a taxi to the train station Chamartín or to the bus station Auto-res. The price is around 30 €
Urban bus: With the bus line 89 you can also get from the airport to Madrid 's centre. The bus stops at Plaza de Colón.
Madrid – Salamanca
If you go by bus from Madrid to Salamanca then you have an excellent bus connection almost every hour from 8'30a.m. to 22'00p.m. from the bus station Auto-Res in  Estación Sur de Autobuse C/ Méndez Alvaro, 83. The Express bus takes two and a half hours and costs around 16 €. The normal bus takes around three and a half hours and costs around 11€. More info at 
If you prefer to travel by train then you can get all the necessary information about the trains that leave from the station Chamartín in 

Pick-up service:
We offer a pick-up service from Barajas airport to Salamanca to the students who prefer it. It costs 220 €. In case you want to use this service you should notify us when you make the inscription.


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