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If you have chosen to live in a shared flat/apartment, you only need to bring towels with you. The flats are equipped with all the rest (sheets and blankets, kitchen utensils, etc.).
When you live with a host family you get accommodation as well as the meals. If you chose Full Board, you’ll have three meals a day; if you chose Half Board, then you’ll have breakfast and either lunch or dinner, depending on what you prefer.
The price doesn’t include laundry, which is paid apart in case you want the hostess to take care of it.
You can change accommodation free, but please communicate the reason in the office as soon as possible.

The Prices

FLATS rooms for rent in a flat (per person per month)
Single room
206 €
Double room
165 €

FAMILY (per person per day)
Full board
Half board
Single room
21,50 €
19,00 €
Double room
19,50 €
17,50 €

Contact Salminter Spanish Courses

Calle Toro 25, 1º
37002 Salamanca (España)
Tel. (+34) 923 211 808
Fax. (+34) 923 260 263


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