The Salmantina School of International Studies – SALMINTER

The Salmantina School of International Studies – SALMINTER – was founded 25 years ago by a group of teachers with one single goal: teaching Spanish in Spain, and furthermore in the historical and charming city of Salamanca.

Our city, SALAMANCA, open its gates to visitors through several bridges, one of them roman, to show a set of civil and religious buildings that fill its corners with a gorgeous aesthetics. The “stone of Villamayor” gives them a sense of uniformity and colour. Standing out: «La Casa de las Conchas»; its two Cathedrals, the Old and the New ; its University, the “Patio de Escuelas Menores”; the Convents of “San Esteban an the Dueñas”. And above all the beautiful Plaza Mayor, a meeting point and nexus of the city. Because of its historical and artistic interest Salamanca has been declared World Heritage city by the UNESCO.

During the 80’s the interest in learning Spanish experienced special growth, and more and more foreign students came to visit Spain to learn the Spanish language. In that period Spain was living big political, social and economic changes, which attracted the attention of many countries. Learn Spanish in Spain almost became “trendy” and little by little it has become an important sector within Tourism in Spain – the primary economic sector (when speaking of export) in our country.

Today, the offer on Spanish language courses in Spain has increased a lot and you can find Spanish language schools in almost any city in Spain.

The team of teachers at SALMINTER can now look back with satisfaction at the work we have done since we started back in the 80’s, and we are still organizing Spanish language and culture courses for all those who believe that in order to learn a language you have to live the language where it’s spoken, and studying Spanish in Spain is without doubt the best way of learning our language.

We, of course, believe that SALMINTER is the best choice you can make if you want to obtain the best results during your Spanish language studies, and the reason is our many years of experience, working as a team, our qualified preparation and full dedication to our work, together with the familiar and friendly atmosphere that our students always find when attending Spanish language classes at our school.

The familiar atmosphere that characterizes SALMINTER’s Spanish language courses in Salamanca is complemented with accommodation with local Spanish host families. Living with a local family while you attend our classes gives you the opportunity to learn and practice the colloquial Spanish language, the language that you speak and hear in the daily life, where grammar is not the core of the communication. You’ll find that learning Spanish among the locals often combines very well with the intensive Spanish courses in Spain as many of the host families have worked for years together with us and feel that they are part of our teaching project.

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