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Salmínter is a Centre recognised by the Instituto Cervantes and, as such, has been part of this institution’s Network of Accredited Centres since 2004. Given its importance, around 100 Spanish ELE centres are part of the Accredited Centres Network. Salmínter has been part of this Network for more than thirteen years, since we consider it a crucial part of our modus operandi. The Cervantes Institute guarantees our commitment to education of the highest quality at Salmínter, where we constantly strive to be the most innovative and successful Spanish language academy in Salamanca.


¿Qué aporta la acreditación del Institúto Cervantes en la elección de un centro para estudiar español?

Contact Salminter Spanish Courses

Calle Toro 25, 1┬║
37002 Salamanca (Espa├▒a)
Tel. (+34) 923 211 808
Fax. (+34) 923 260 263


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